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Chi Kung, Weapons, and Other Classes

We offer a wide variety of classes, including different traditional Tai Chi styles. 

Sword, Sabre, and Other Weapons Classes


Our center teaches traditional Chinese Tai Chi weapons arts, such as sword, sabre, fan, and guan-dao.  These mystical and exotic weapons arts are an advanced form of Tai Chi that demonstrate the power and grace of internal martial arts combined with majestic weapons. 

Chi Kung and Healing Exercises


Chi Kung is a traditional Chinese , low impact, physical exercise for wellness.  The mechanism of this thousand year old healing art is the stimulation of principle body channels and vital points, helping to relieve and heal people of ailments and diseases.  It is a favored medicine in Chinese hospitals, and is used to treat conditions ranging from arthritis to cancer.  It is also used as preventative medicine, as well as a meditation exercise to relieve stress.


Its easy to learn movements allow therapeutic benefits to people well into later ages to enhance their quality of their lives. 

Push Hands and Defense Application Classes


Our center also teaches push hands and defense application classes to our most advanced students.  Push hands is an exercise that helps students to understand how to properly keep their balance, how to yield to incoming force, and how to apply force against an opponent. 

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